These are a few projects that we have delivered / currently supporting

For a client in Belgium(Angular + Spring Boot)

For a client in the US, real estate sector(ReactJS + Springboot)

For a client in the US, for financial professionals (React Native on android+iOS)

For a US client, in the automotive domain(AngularJS + Spring Boot)

A market intelligence platform(Android + Java/J2EE + JSP + MySQL)

An IONIC app for a Canadian customer(Angular5 + ES6 + Ionic 4.0)

A peer to peer ranking platform for a US citizen (Android + Angular + J2EE)

For a client in Qatar(J2EE + JSON Services + JSP + Javascript + JQuery + Hibernate + Google Map)

For a client in US React Native + Spring Boot

For a client in US Swift + .NET

For a client in Canada / US PHP + Laravel

Bus-reservation portal in e-Commerce domain(ASP.NET + MVC 4.0 + JQuery 2.x + Bootstrap + HTML + CSS)

Chef recruitment portal for a restaurant chain in Pune(Angular 8 + Material UI + C# )

An Android + iOS Ultraviolet device sanitizer app for a US client(SpringBoot + MySQL)

Note: Iristechsys LLP is a service provider to its respective clients.The trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property, including the right to sell the software and/or subscription is owned by the respective clients and Iristechsys Software Services LLP does not have any stake whatsoever.

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