Benefits that we offer

Free proof of concept

One of the concerns that companies have is about capabilities. We offer a free proof of concept which allows you to gauge our capabilities, processes and communication skills. (Serious customers only! - we ignore any frivolous enquiries)

Free, no-obligation, impartial consultation services

You have a great idea, but unsure how to implement the software product? You can bank on 30+ years of combined industry experience to avail our free consultation services, where we will advise you on technological stack, architecture, best practices and possible roadmap. No strings attached - you could outsource your work to another software services company, even after reaching out to us!

Provision of escrow facilities

Another concern clients have is that of software companies cheating the customers by abandoning them midway. We subscribe to escrow accounts - you could put some amount of the agreed milestones into the escrow account. It will be credited to our account only when you are fully satisfied and give the third party escrow provider a go-ahead.

Intellectual Property Transfe

The Director of this company Pranav Patil, is a certified Intellectual Property expert. We take intellectual property very seriously and ensure that we sign a non-disclosure agreement right before we kick-off the project.

100% customer retention

Our track record speaks for itself. We havent lost a customer since our inception. Either the customers have continued with us, or they have stopped since their business requirements have been met. But never, ever has a customer gone away from us, dissatisfied with our quality or output.

Reasonable pricing

Compared to other ISO 9001 software development companies, we charge less per hour. How do we do it? We get most of our business through word of mouth or cold email. Therefore, there is no sales/sales commission overhead. We pass on this benefit to our customers.

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